Deep Dive Consulting, LLC


Strategic Planning

Creating a strategic plan is essential for developing, executing, and assessing the projects and initiatives your educational organization needs.

Our DEEP Dive consultants have decades of experience working with educational organizations at the local, regional, national, and international levels developing strategic plans for comprehensive development across a whole educational system or sector as well as more focused strategies for specific programs or projects targeting specific outcomes or communities. We also offer advisement during strategic planning implementation or preparation for organizations who are implementing their own strategy.

DEEP Dive experts lead or support strategic planning by:

Stakeholder identification, development, and engagement

Identification of strategic purposes, needs, and gaps

Pre-planning and leading the development of theories of change and logic models

Mapping change theories and logic models onto clients’ contexts, organizations, and targeted outcomes

Aligning strategies with implementation plans, timelines, and expected outcomes

Developing monitoring and evaluation plans to track commitment to, effects of, and modifications to strategic plans once implemented

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