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The DEEP Dive team is composed of education experts with considerable experience in TIA local designation system (LDS) development, quantitative data, and evaluation research.

Drs. Jacob Kirksey, Jessica Gottlieb, and Alexander Wiseman have worked with Texas public school districts on a number of areas, including: TIA, institutional capacity building, large-scale assessment evaluation; and education policy.

Dr. Lane Sobehrad is the primary architect of the Lubbock ISD LDS. He has worked to continuously improve and expand Lubbock ISD’s LDS since Cohort A, and has provided over 500 designations and $8,000,000 in additional compensation to teachers.

DEEP Dive staff

Dr. Kirksey is a prominent researcher focused on the critical connection between education and public policy. His research addresses pressing issues in three primary areas: student well-being, college and career readiness, and the teacher pipeline. His work emphasizes a holistic approach to policymaking, seeking data-driven solutions that benefit historically marginalized communities. Through advanced quantitative techniques using large-scale data, Dr. Kirksey examines programs and policies to inform local, state, and federal decision-making. Dr. Kirksey has won over $1.4 million in federal, state, and local funding for his research and gained recognition from major media outlets such as The Wall Street Journal and Politico. Dr. Kirksey's ultimate goal is to drive positive change in education and society, promoting equity and opportunity for all.

Dr. Jessica J. Gottlieb is an Associate Professor in the Department of Educational Psychology, Leadership, & Counseling. She earned her doctorate in Policy Studies in Urban Education from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Most recently, she was a postdoctoral research associate at the Center for STEM Education at the University of Notre Dame. Dr. Gottlieb previously worked as a classroom teacher in Los Angeles, CA. Her research focuses on how educational policy can be used to increase equity and access of high-quality STEM education opportunities. Her current projects include examining the effects of longitudinal professional development on STEM teachers’ identity as teacher leaders, identifying factors related to student persistence in STEM occupations, and the use of accountability-based measures in STEM teacher preparation.

Dr. Wiseman is an accomplished scholar with  experience at all levels of public and private educational systems, working in highly diverse communities worldwide. Dr. Wiseman started as a classroom teacher in the US and Japan, later becoming a professor and supervisor in teacher preparation programs. His expertise extends to educational policy, strategic planning, and large-scale data assessment. He has consulted with local, state, and national organizations on crucial aspects of education. Dr. Wiseman’s work has spanned countries such as Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Rwanda, Cambodia, Japan, and Germany. His research is widely recognized and cited in both research and policy-to-practice communities. You can find his work easily through Google Scholar.

Dr. Lane Sobehrad is Coordinator of Research and Innovation for Lubbock ISD. Dr. Sobehrad holds a PhD in History and Medieval & Renaissance Studies from Texas Tech University, a MA in History from SMU, and a BA in History from Southwestern University. Dr. Sobehrad is responsible for all major projects involving alternative money for Lubbock ISD including discretionary grants, community partnerships, major research projects, and the Teacher Incentive Allotment (TIA). He has successfully written for nearly $30,000,000 in state and federal funding to support Lubbock ISD students, teachers, and stakeholders, and has acted as the primary architect for Lubbock ISD’s local designation system under TIA, which has provided nearly $8,000,000 in additional compensation to teachers in Lubbock ISD. In addition, he has published on undergraduate history education, teaching practices in medieval studies, and community engaged scholarship. 

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